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Need Help Configuring a Local Reporting Server on SQL Server 2005 SP3

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During the installation of my new Kaseya 6.0.1 upgrade, I was not able to setup a SQL server reporting services location. 

I don't think we have this setup already or at least I don't know the URL for it. we were able to run reports in the previous version 5.1. 

However, I tried to use the "http://localhost/ReportServer" address but that did not work as I'd hoped. Any suggestions?? This is probably really easy but I don't work with SQL Server much. 

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  • couple of things

    when you installed SQL did you include the reporting services option - it is an option in the main options list during the SQL install.

    If you did you should have under Start / programs / SQL server 2005 / configuration tools / Reporting services configuration.

    There are lots of docs on the web that will walk you through this part however it is setup in a step form so start at the top and work your way down, you can pretty much use the defaults - although the credentials for the services you will need to know, might be worth creating a new local admin user for them.

    Once its installed you should be able to access it at http://servername/reports (creating this site is one of the steps in the config tool)

    If your on a 64bit machine you need to tweak it to get it to work as you have to tell DOT NET to use a 32bit mode. I will try to locate the article for this it is quite straight forward to get working..

    hope this helps

  • just remembered - you need to install 32bit reporting services so not the same installer as the 64bit (but only if you installed 64bit SQL

  • Kaseya sent me a good email will all the bits you had to do but you think I can find it - might be worth logging a ticket and getting them to give you the info - it is well documented by them from memory.

  • install guide.pdf

    install guide from kaseya - includes SQL reporting setup

  • Thanks, this ought to do the trick.