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Mass Delete Agent Procedures

  • When we migrated to K2 months ago, all of our scripts were duplicated into each users account. So now each script is located in about 25 different folders. We are trying to clean this up finally and have scripts just in our shared folder.

    I am going through and deleting these script by script from each user folder. Has anyone found or know of a way to mass delete the scripts? I looked on the Kserver for the procedure .xml files suing name and script ID but no luck. Thanks!

  • I did some looking around on our server and i show them for our domain structure to be in c:\kaseya\webpages\managedfiles\domain\user

    Non domain admins seem to have their scripts in c:\kaseya\webpages\managedfiles\user

    **EDIT** To narrow it down you can just search managedfiles for *.xml (that's how i searched the whole kaseya directory) then weed out which ones you don't need. I also would like to take a moment and clarify I'm not advising to mass delete a bunch of XML files from here, as I don't know what would happen personally, just pointing out this is where i believe them to exist. Smile

    [edited by: tsorensen at 10:40 AM (GMT -8) on 12-9-2010] clarification - ps i hate edit notes
  • I thought I was looking in the correct location (i searched for the .xml as well before I posted) and "c:\kaseya\webpages\managedfiles\user" is empty for all of our users. A couple of users (myself included) have one or two script .xml files in the folder, but I personally have 30 private scripts and cannot find them even by searching the name.

    Thanks for the help, but appears I will keep manually deleting these

  • Anyone know of a way to mass delete?  My script structure is a mess and my techs have alot of scripts that were copied upon our migration.  It will be an enormous under taking to do this by hand.

  • I had the same problem and couldn't resolve on my own, so I opened a ticket with Support. I had a guy named Steve McCormick work his SQL wizardry and clean all of this up for me. I was very happy with the results.