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LC Mac support available, but not for us PAYING customers ?

  • I'm going to complain to my account manager tomorrow.
    I'm mad as hell.

    We keep losing Macintosh customers because of the bad Remote Control client since Mac OSX 10.6, there's no way in changing any of the remote settions on the Mac TightVNC client.
    This means taking over a Mac Client takes ages and is nearly unworkable over the Internet.

    What do I just see ?

    Live Connect MacIntosh is available on the Free IT Toolkit from Kaseya.

    We paid a lot of money for the full blown version of Kaseya, we pay a hefty montly sum to keep it updated and maintained.

    You would expect the new features to be available to us first, but no the current paid version is still only available with the old slow client.
    Our Live Connect also say's it can't be used with Mac OSX.

    Does this mean because we're already on board, already paying they are putting more effort in the online web version ?

    I'm sorry, I'm really steaming here.

    Anybody else like to shed some ideas/thoughts on this ?

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  • Yes, my K2 server states Live connect is not compatable with MAC. Not a huge concern as long as remote control works well, which I'm told it does not. I have tried 2 machines and haven't had a problem yet, but we will see. What is this Live connect for MAC you speak of that available in the IT Tool Kit? I have not heard of this.

    I'm also mad about the Linux agent. Last year August when K2 was announced, I was led to believe a Linux agent would be available when K2 was released, not a year after. I may try the beta to see what it can do.

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  • Got this in my mailbox.
    I have a separate account for it under a different email domain.
    Indeed in the IT toolkit I have Live Connect for the Mac just as for PCs.

    Here is the non-graphical copy of the mail I got from Kaseya :

    Remote Access and Troubleshooting...Simplified

    You asked. We delivered.
    Mac Support is here.

    Mac. Community. Labs.
    Now you can access your mom's Mac, meet some new Toolkit people, or experiment in the Lab.
    Mac Support
    We believe in constantly improving our product, which is why we are launching IT Toolkit support for the Mac. Access features like remote access, audit, and video/voice chat. Login and enable this feature today.
    The Lab
    Go and take a look at our new Lab. Check the top right corner of your IT Toolkit. Labs is a place for new features that are in beta or perhaps need more feedback before they are taken into production. So jump in and let us know what you think. You can use the new community to submit your feedback.
    The New Community
    We believe in community. There are already thousands of IT Toolkit customers out there and the new community is live and ready for you to sign up and use features like:
    • Follow other users
    • Read and comment the product blog
    • Participate in the forum
    • Request feature updates and poll other members
    • Use the wiki
    • Upload, rate, and share files

    Login to IT Toolkit now: ittoolkit.kaseya.com

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