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Mac updating

  • Hello all,

    We have a client with predominantly Macs. They use various applications - Adobe CS (mixture of versions I believe), VectorWorks, Quark and MS Office. We are trying to find ways of automating the updating of some of this Software.

    OS X updates we can do by scripting Software Update to download and install any updates required.

    Quark and VectorWorks I do not believe have any automated backups.

    What I was wondering is whether anyone had tried or had any ideas how to automate the installation of Adobe software (possibly using the Adobe Updater software) and possibly MS Updater.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that none of the users are administrators on their machines, so we cannot rely on them to do this.

    Has anyone tried this?



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  • I haven't tried this myself but you can try to create a package of an Adobe or MS update with the application Iceberg or PackageMaker (part of Apple Xcode). After this package is copied or downloaded to the client it can be installed with the shell command 'installer -pkg ...'

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