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Installation via GPO

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    Is there an MSI available for an agent install to allow for a better installation of the agent via GPO? The docs imply that, in the AD Computers section of the Agent tab, we need to manually tick  the machines we want the agent to be installed to via GPO. This means that if the client adds several new machines they wouldn't have the agent installed when they are added to the domain *unless* we tick the machines in the ADC section of the Agent tab....and that's only after the next lanwatch update.

    Is this right? I'd like to create my own GPO for the installation but I would prefer an MSI for this.


  • +1 for us. We've tried to find one, even tried to cook one of our own, with little success.

  • The agent install executable can be repackaged, but it is not easy. Not to mention, you would have to repackage all of your agent installers. Seems like a big waste of time to me. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

    If all you're trying to do is launch the agent installer via GPO, you will be better off creating a wrapper with VBS or a batch file.

  • Well, firstly there's the GPO nice bits that you miss out on like uninstalling the software when it falls out of scope.

  • In my opinion, this could be a feature request to Kaseya. If there is enough value in MSI packages, they should make some adjustments on the backend and move away from InstallShield. That way the agent packages are MSI out of the gate and we won't have to spend any time converting them ourselves.

  • I would agree on the feature request. Having the choice between using an .msi or an .exe when creating deployment packages would be nice. the one problem I have seen with GPO deployments has to do with Windows 7. It seems that if Kaseya is put in a GPO that runs on machine login, it tries to run it every time, and because of the more stringent security on Win7, it bugs the user every time they start up on the domain. Just my 2 cents :)

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