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prevent 'kaseya' and 'realvnc' from showing in start menu

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Is there a way to prevent the 'Kaseya' and 'RealVNC' folders appearing in the start menu when the agent is installed?

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  • Got these scripts in the script pack, check the Resources section :)

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  • Kaseya icon can be controlled via Agent > Agent Menu > Enable Agent Icon

    RealVNC can be controlled by setting

    (for 64 bit): HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\RealVNC\WinVNC4\DisableTrayIcon == REG_DWORD 1

    (for 32 bit): HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\RealVNC\WinVNC4\DisableTrayIcon == REG_DWORD 1

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  • Yes you can, just modify your installation package and insert the switch "/j" to not install Kaseya in the start menu.

    Don't hesitate to read the online help, there is a lot of information


    Just an add-on regarding the K-VNC or RealVNC icon, you can hide the icon with a settings into Remote Control > Configure > Set Parameters.

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  • As Guillaume stated it can be done at install with the /j switch...

    as for the RealVNC bit you'll have to script the removal (start menu not the taskbar fellas),  I toss in a check for the Kaseya menu as well.

  • Got these scripts in the script pack, check the Resources section :)

  • The '/j' switch didn't work, that might be a K2 feature as I am using G1.

    I didn't see a script pack which removed these from the start menu, which script pack did you find them in Ben?

  • if by G1 you mean 2008 SP(some number I cant remember) then yes the /j switch will not work on the agent installer,  You'll need to script it... and it's really not hard to do

    rmdir %allusersprofile%/<path>/<to>/<start menu>

  • A question on the VNC parameter "Hide WinVNC system tray icon on the remote machine." under Remote Control > Configure > Set Parameters . Is it possible to set this for alla VSA users on my system?

  • I found the scripts to remove the start menu entries..

    "Remove K Menu" - this is a native script.


    "Remove RealVNC from Start Menu" - this was in the IT Service Delivery kit (community.kaseya.com/.../1566.aspx)