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Agents falsely reporting going offline

  • Of our 80-90 servers we monitor I get probably 1-2 that will falsely report going offline, the only way to get them back online again is to restart the Kaseya service or reboot the machine. Seems to be 6-7 machines in particular. I have the alerts set to alert me only if its been 15 min or more so I don't think thats the reason. I have tried reinstalling the agent aswell and am using latest version too. Anyone else had any issues with false alarms?

  • We have had the same issue.  Upgrade the agent to  

  • We are seeing this also- even with - restarting the kaseya service works for us- but it is very annoying.

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  • We had this issue on several servers before agent  but do not believe any since.  The issue seemed to trace back to techs connecting using RDP through Kaseya and locking up the agent somehow.

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  • The problem isnt consistent though, some servers we can RDP to quite happliy other will lock up everytime we go near them with RDP.  The worst offernders appear to be Windows 2008 servers, but its not just them that has the problem.

  • I spoke with Ksupport about this and they claim it's AV causing issues on the Agent. Are you setting exceptions for Kaseya in your AV? I've seen where the agent gets locked by AV when trying to access the registry. We use Trend Micro and after setting some exclusions it seems to resolve the false positives.

    Current agent ver rangers from to seems to be the most stable and has good reaction time to KLC "Live Connect".

    My exclusions:   C:\"Agent Temp"      and      C:\Program Files\Kaseya    and    AgentMon.exe    

  • we also have some of those...even with BUT a major improvement in is that you can actually stop/kill and restart the Kaseya service, even with we had machines that needed to be rebooted !

  • I think this has been a common problem since day 1, and I cant remember if its because the AgentMon process doesn't communicate in time with the server, due to other processes having higher priority or something along those lines, and it reports offline and hangs. Sometimes it comes back on its own, sometimes you have to restart the service, sometimes you have to fully boot the machine. I am running 1 server with K2 V6, and another test server with K2 V6.0.1.0 and both of them still have the problems.

  • How do I get the new agent version?  When I go to "Configure server," it still says is the latest version.. even after I hit "Get Latest Hotfix" and "Check for updates."

  • Go here: kaseya.com/.../Downloads.aspx

    Grab the Kaseya 2 On Premesis Products installer (the one that says it was released 9-2010) and install the update on your K server. Make sure you have a backup of everything first, just in case.

  • I Just send a request Kaseya support for the latest version if you don't have it

  • that's your Kaseya server version, check your Agent tab > update Agent, there it'll show you what version you have available

    for the latest agent version install SP1 or ask support to send you the file to replace on your server.

  • We too are running version and experiencing the same issue.  The agent service is "running" however the agent goes offline.  This seems to be related to users disconnecting from KLC however it's not consistent.

  • @outsourceit  

    are you seeing a lot of asp errors on your kserver? do they say something to the effect of KLC  in their description?

    We had an issue a while back where KLC connections were kicking out all our VSA's. and our agents were dropping off line even though the machine/server was still up and running.

    We logged a ticket and had to get dev support to fix the issue. Seems like lot's of issues are related to dev support these days at Kaseya  

    we still get the ASP errors (logs are filled with 'em) but our agents are staying on-line, and VSA's are not getting kicked.

    Something else to consider too is AV exceptions for Kaseya

    we exclude AgentTemp folder and c:\program files\kaseya   << seems to fix the agent off-line issues.

  • @danrche

    I'm not seeing any ASP errors in the event logs on the K Server.  Where exactly should I be looking?