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Using Agent with a Proxy Server

  • Does anyone have experience with installing an agent on a machine using a Proxy server.  I found a blog post on the web that described how to do it and did as it said by creating a template with the proxy settings in it then building a new agent and coping the template settings during the creation.  I installed the agent and I can see a firewall entry that the connection was allowed but the agent is not checking in.

    Here are the instructions I found on a blog - Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE


  • This is what I got back from Kaseya Support when I asked the same question a couple of weeks ago

    I actually just doubled checked with dev and they came back with the following:

    The Kaseya Agent cannot check in through a proxy, rather it needs a direct TCP connection to the KServer. As of now, you will need to have the proxy configured to grant direct TCP connection access for these particular Kaseya Agents to your Kaseya Server's primary check-in address (and secondary address if different). Numerous Kaseya clients have made proxy server configuration changes to allow Kaseya Agent connections.

    The hidden proxy area we have in place now is primarly used for patching or for the Kaseya Server itself for customer who are having issues getting updates from us because of a proxy server.

    The implication being that you cant have an agent checking in via a proxy