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Editing variables associated with email alert

  • Hi There,

    I'm just trying to find where to adjust variables associated with an email address to receive policy monitoring.

    Eg. #sev2AlertEmail#  #sev1AlertEmail#

    See screenshots where this variables are quoted;



  • I'm still a bit fresh, but I don't think variables work outside of agent procedures.  So I think you need to edit those alerts and insert the actual addresses.  That said, if I'm wrong and these are in fact working but you need to redirect them, then I would guess you need to edit your global variables.

  • ,  those variables can be set over in the System tab, under Orgs/Groups/Depts/Staff, Manage.  Go to the "Sytems Management" tab.

    UNFORTUNATELY, the only way to set them is to run through the actual automated configure process for the org for Kaseya's default system management, which you probably don't want to do.

    What Kaseya needs to do is have a way to simply EDIT those fields so the variables could be used.

  • OK Thanks for your assistance  

  • @Jason.galati - This is best done with some type of external process logic. Service Desk can be used quite effectively, but it's a challenge to set up and not available if you use BMS.

    We wrote our own solution for workflow automation - Intelligent Ticket Processing. All of our monitors are crafted so the event can be analyzed by the workflow automation to initiate remediation procedures, extract additional data, notify on-call via smart-pager services, and then deliver the alarm into a PSA, fully classified. Where the PSA allows, we deliver alarms into specific collections or alert "boards". In an upcoming release, this will also route tickets based on customer class (ie silver/gold response levels) via an Org Custom Field. We currently route to multiple PSA configs or even alternate PSA platforms on a per-client basis, so you can even route alerts to your customer's PSA that an in-house IT team uses. We also support client-specific email notifications for urgent alarms, NOC integration for full-time or after-hour notifications, and dynamic code modules for easy custom processing.

    We would never have been able to do this using the basic capabilities in the RMM, but through Service Desk or the APIs and external logic, it's quite possible. Our solution is available for all VSA platforms - on-prem and SAAS - and is available from a number of resellers as well as direct from us .