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User login status.

  • if you are writing a script, just check to see if "explorer.exe" is running.  It won't be if there are no users logged in.

    BTW, I agree in today's WFH environment, they should detect an RDP session and be able to report on status just like console session.   Maybe even a NEW icon to show an RDP user is active or inactive!  In the meantime, you have to run the above-mentioned script to move the focus of the Kausrtsk to the RDP session.

  • @JFalqui I would like to get a copy of that script as well if possible.

  • I manually set the registry setting on a computer, then exported the key, uploaded it to VSA server and made a procedure to merge the reg key using command line.

  • Now, if there would be a method, to connect with the desktop of the users RDP session for remote support this would be another great missing feature.

  • Eric, this approach might not work everytime, because the installation directory path is not unique.

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  • Guys there is a free script we published on the Automation Exchange.


  • Olaf you have to enable  Terminal Server Shadow Sessions using a GPO. If you don't want/can't use a GPO i have a script to enable this feature. No reboot is required in this case. Just let me know if you need it.

  • I believe if you enable Shadowing Mode on the server then all active sessions will be presented.  Not a perfect solution but I am told it works... can be done via PowerShell... AKA an Agent Procedure.