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Software Management - 0 Vulnerabilities since .26

  • Has anyone noticed that applying a deployment profile since .26 for the deployment of patches, resets the vulnerability count to zero, and it remains zero despite how many time you scan?

    There were systems with listed vulnerabilities, as soon as i made a chance tot he profiles by applying a patch profile "one that I've been using for several months", all vulnerable resets to zero and none is ever found, and in some cases, the only patches installed is a few 3rd party patches, no windows patches. Scan policy is set to Kaseyua Update, and to approve everything except virus removal

    If i log into a system and use windows updates, it fines the missign updates

  • Been dealing with the same thing since our VSA was upgraded to .26 as well. I have a ticket in with Kaseya that is being reviewed by their development team but they provided a procedure that can be run to restore those vulnerabilities. They told me that the procedure has to be ran only once but I've seen that once I assign a  deployment profile again it just resets the vulnerabilities back to zero and I have to rerun the procedure. We experienced numerous issues with the Software Management module since the .26 upgrade, so many that we are contemplating finding another platform.