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Software Management: Critical, Older Then 30 days = superseded?

  • Hello @all,

    I’m just wondering what’s the purpose of having the “Critical, Older Then 30 days” patch category.

    Knowing that a patch is older then 30 days doesn’t help knowing if it’s superseded or not (Am I wrong?).

    I don’t care if a patch is old, in order to choose if it must be applied I just need to know if it’s the latest available (yeah that’s the old principle of “automatically deny superseded patches” of Patch Management).

    Maybe I’m missing something here…

    Any thoughts?


  • 1.) Older than 30 days might have been superseded or included in a later cumulative update. You can research the individual KB to find out, or have an explanation as to why it failed.

    2.) It can be viewed as a helpful flag as to "why is this PC missing updates this old"; and could help point out PCs with update problems.

    3.) Some manager or another might want that detail in a report.

    I could go on and on....

  • Thanks Eric,

    Ok I understand what you’re saying. At this point I only regret the lack of the old good “superseded patches” functionality… IMHO that would have been really helpful, besides the 30 days-old category.