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Issues Deleting Agents Through REST API

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Hey Guys,

So I've been working on some scripting solutions to delete agents Programmatically to save us time.  I have no problems with any GET calls but I am getting a 403 Forbidden when trying to delete Agents.  The account does have the ability to delete these agents manually in the Console, but that takes too long.

Is there a configuration or another permission that is needed for this?  We are currently using Agent Version 9.5 for our machines.

Thank You

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  • This should definitely work. Our Ticket Processing Service gets a list of agents that haven't checked in during the past ## days and issues commands to remove the agents, up to a maximum number of agents each day. It's been keeping the agent count reasonable for months. We have another app that VSA initiates - it schedules itself to run and then exits, telling VSA it's complete. It runs via scheduler a minute later, performs an agent uninstall, and then tells VSA to delete the agent before optionally downloading a new agent from a different VSA and installing it. This is used for both offboarding and VSA-VSA agent migrations.

    One thing we don't use (as it never seems to work) is the option to uninstall the agent. Just a straight agent delete has always worked.

    Another thing - 403 is a common response when the syntax isn't 100% correct, so look closely at your URI.


  • I've checked the URI based on Kaseya's docuementation and everything is correct from what I can see

    $AgentURI = "HTTPS://<>/api/v1.0/assetmgmt/agents/<AgentID>/false"

    Invoke-RestMethod -Headers @{'Authorization'="Bearer $SessionToken"} -Method Delete -Uri $AgentURI -ContentType application/json

    The AgentID Is retrieved from a list that is stored in a csv file.  I'm able to use GET this way without any issues at all but Delete is not working.

    This is being done using PowerShell.

  • I believe I have figured it out...

    My Csv file was saving the items in Exponential Notation... not the actual numbers...  This is now working.