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Old Agent check in

  • Hi

    I am currently attempting to clean up our database and wondering what happens if i delete an agent and it checks back in in 6 months time?

    will it put itself back into its group and just start collecting policies or will it possibly break

    i know that if i delete an agent, clean the database, and then it checks back in it will jump back into the group, just concerned about what happens if it has been deleted for 6 months before checking back in

  • It will re-inject itself to the original group that it was in at the time it went offline.  If the group no longer exists or the name has changed - it will re-create the original group name that it existed in at the time it went offline. If the original group exists and has policies applied, the agent will then once again pickup all those policies, this will NOT happen if the original group name was changed or removed, and the old agent recreates the group (there will be no policies applied)

  • If the original group and Organization is deleted , and then the agent rechecks in it actually creates a new ORG with what was the original group name and a group that was the ORG name

    So it recreates itself but sort of in reverse


    If the original machine was called :


    where the Org is "companyABC" and the group is "root"

    On rechecking in it creates itself as


    where the Org is now "root" and the Group is "CompanyABC"