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Reporting on Installed Versions of MS Office

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We have a bunch of reports over the years that we've run but none seem exactly accurate. Looking for a report that will properly list all installed editions of office. Ideally if it also could see the Click to Run versions as well that would be helpful..

Does anyone have something they know works? or tips if not?

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  • I had exactly the same issue, and my best bet was to go to the SQL Server for Kaseya, and run a SQL query that got me the information. I had to dig a little to find out which table had this data. This was as accurate as it could get. Hope this helps.

  • Hey guys,

    Our latest release of VSA .24  - now addresses this feature on office reporting.  This will in-turn allow for reporting to give our users visibility to office versions and product key information.

  • Do you mean Are the release notes for that release available? I don't see them at the normal spot.

  • I just added them to the community.