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Liveconnect does not work since updating to

  • , while it may not be an issue for you it is for us.  I already have Management & engineers up-in-arms because they are being delayed by the disconnects in the current version of Live Connect and/or the overall performance issues we have with VSA.  

    We need to truncate all of the logs every 2-3 months because we hit the 2 billiion records maximum in the scriptlogs table.  We currently have one of the most heavily used (and customized) VSA installations, and we spread out agent upgrades over a 14-30 day period to lesssen the impact on an already overloaded VSA instance.

    Not being able to immediately click-and-connect to all of the endpoints is something that's not acceptable for us, especially due to the impact it will have on SLAs

  • This is currently not possible as the latest agent version has framework updates in relation to the VSA changes and enhancements.

  • Is the new Agent version updated for Catalina compatibility ?

  • If anyone is having similar issues we ask you please create a ticket with our team so you receive the proper assistance from our support team.

  • Same problem here: LiveConnect will not connect to endpoints with Agent - "Session Ended" apears after a couple of seconds - but where there is an earlier agent, LiveConnect makes the connection but the keyboard will not work!

    I have raised a ticket but we really need this problem sorted or confirmation that there is no fix yet so we can roll back quickly.

  • - - from your description of the issue you must be using the new Live Connect version.. And maybe I just don't get it, but let me try to explain.

    New Live Connect is great if it works, but at this time the old Live Connect is still an option (with a Command Prompt) and uses another 'route' or mechanism to connect to the agent. If I'm correct the old Live Connect uses the Kaseya Agent Endpoint service to broker the connection, while the new Live Connect directly targets the Kaseya Agent. It's probably not that black and white, but we have seen in the past multiple times the old Live Connect working, while the new Live Connect fails (and vice versa).

    So, if you change the default setting to use new Live Connect to No, you get two options. In Quick View you can choose Live Connect to get the old version in a browser window. And if you still want to try the new Live Connect you open the app and you have the option to use that... Not great, but I hope it works..

    After typing this it hits me you might be on SaaS and my guess is you won't be able to use old Live Connect. Let us know how this is progressing.

  • for us was a disaster. LC completely failed for us with the patch. It took a P1 support ticket and 4 days for Kaseya to resolve the issue.

    Any agent upgraded to .13 fails to connect immediately, in both LC and RC. Any agent on .12 or older connects in RC, but will not accept any user input. Reverting to the 'old' LC works, as a work-around. To go back to old LC, go to system, default settings, set "Use new Live Connect when clicking the Live Connect button in Quickview" to NO.

    For us the fix was an issue with the SSL certificate permissions on our VSA server - i.e. it's an on-prem issue only, as far as I can tell.

    Feel free to reference ticket #437941 if you have the same problem.

    Aside from that, patch .23 does seem to work well, and we are seeing less problems with RC sessions compared to older versions.

  • **NB when i say SSL - i'm referring to the Kaseya-created SSL cert the VSA uses to connect to agents, not the public SSL Cert you use to secure the VSA web interface with HTTPS :)