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Agent GUID Sequential Numbers

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Hello All,

I have come across a client where they are requesting for the sequential numbering of the Agent GUID with 3 Characters in the starting. Could some one please help me with this.

The Kaseya is and on on-premise server.

Thanks & Regards,

Vinay Kumar

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  • I guess I'm curious to know why they care what the Agent GUID is?  The agent GUID is literally a unique identifier in the database for the agent, and I've never really seen a time when I would *care* what it is.

  • I understand, the client wants to use it as an Asset Tag
  • The agent GUID on a device could change if the agent ever needs to be reinstalled either to "fix" the agent's functionality or in the event the machine is reset and programs have to be reinstalled. I would not recommend they try to use it as a static asset tag number. The would be better off using the device serial number.

  • The serial wouldn't be a right fit as it wouldn't be sequential. Is there any other way that I can achieve the asset tag to be automatically generated in VSA and sequentially
  • A lot of systems have something equivelant to an asset tag in the bios.  We have one client that uses physical Asset Tags, and we put the number of off their physical asset tag into that field in the BIOS when we load them.  Then when the system info audit runs in Kaseya it pulls that into the Chassis Asset Tag field.  Works pretty well for that purpose.

  • You could always create a procedure that creates the sequential numbers for you and stores the numbers into a variable in the VSA specific to each machine .... not sure the algorithm to do this however ...

  • Our RMM Suite can accomplish this fairly easily. Our Agent_Init tool could determine if the org had an Asset Sequence Number when an agent checked in, using an Org Custom field. If did, it could read/increment/write that value in the custom field, then write the Asset Value in the desired format into the system registry. The Daily Audit tool could be told to read that value and save it into an Agent custom field. Our tools leverage the APIs which make checking and updating both customer and agent custom fields easy to accomplish.

    We actually just had this discussion in an engineering meeting this past Friday, because the technician time and user interruption to write this data into the BIOS could not be justified, especially since none of the older systems had this done. Of course, the challenge arises if you need to match the digital Asset ID to an Asset Tag label, but a small app on the desktop could easily display the asset. There's also the challenge that might arise when the O/S is reloaded - some provision must be made to read/save and then write the asset data back to the registry, but this was considered a very small concern.


  • Can someone point at the right table that can be used to create the algorithm.