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Is there a way to have LiveConnect auto-update?

  • Our Help Desk is constantly having to uninstall Live Connect and install the latest version any time there is an upgrade to the client. This invariably happens upon first connection to a Kaseya client that has updated itself, so our users have to hold for 5 minutes while the Help Desk tech uninstalls/installs the LC client. Is there a way to have this done automatically, have Live Connect update itself?


  • Conceptually yes

    When you Patch your VSA the latest KLC installer will be updated and saved to the VSA

    It can be accessed via this example URL


    So you can create an agent procedure that uses the GETURL function and saves the latest KLC installer to your endpoints

    Then test if the current installed KLC version, can get this from the latest Audit, is the latest version

    So you could also therefore create a policy that only shows machines where the installed Version is NOT the Latest Version , and have the Policy run the Agent procedure for machines with the wrong version

    May need a few SQLRead queries as part of the agent procedure .. but should be doable


  • We wrote a script to do this and published it in AutomationExchange (freebie!) over a year and half ago!


    Just schedule it to run every week after you do your Kaseya maintenance.   I.E.  SaaS is always on Saturday, so run it Saturday night or Sunday morning.   It will always uninstall and install the latest version.

  • Hey Chris,  someone posted on Jan 22, 2021 that your script references VBS files stored on the web which no longer exist, and that the script is un-usable as a result. Do you have an updated script? THANKS!