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SBS 2011 and agent

  • Any one else having issues with SBS 2011 and agent

    Operating system shows as <2003 and procedures do not run.

    BUDR stopped running and will not uninstall, reinstall or verify.

  • hi we have the same anomaly. I've opened a ticket with Kaseya Support.

  • We've got the same issue, however out of our 3000 agents, we've got 37 that are reporting this and they are mostly 2008/2012 or 2012 Core machines. Awaiting on support for this one too.

  • Same here, all our SBS2011 machines are seen as <2003

  • I have an update from Kaseya Support on this issue:

    "...we were able to confirm the existence of a bug within the VSA and are currently working hard to mitigate it as quickly as we can..."

  • Same response I got today.

    I have also seen the error  on some non SBS machines.

  • Hope this fixes the similar/same issue with actual 2003 boxes.

  • It would be great if they fixed the 2003 support but I would not hold my breath.

    I was expecting support to tell me they no longer supported 2008 and that was my issue.

  • Looks like they pulled the latest patch.

  • We've opened a ticket as this affected ~20 of our clients and their BUDR. Engineering gave me a call to let me know it could be up to 2 weeks to develop a fix and in the meantime to manually set each client up with a backup using the Acronis Console. Not very happy that this is requiring hours of our labor.

  • As an update, I worked with one of Kaseya's engineers in hopes that we could just change the "Operating System" data in the SQL Database and backups would work as normal, but our tests proved this did not resolve the issue. Though the Agent showed the update, after kick off a manual backup, it would not actually run and shortly after it would switch the Operating System back to " < 2003". They are going back to the drawing board to see if they can implement a quick fix or it will have to wait the 1-2 weeks to develop, test, and re-release to the masses.

    We're having to setup manual backups via the Management Console for the time being. Very unfortunate.

  • We are having the same issue.  My faith in Kaseya keeps dropping at this point.

  • Coming soon I hope. From K-Support:  "ANNOUNCEMENT:The January VSA release ( has been fully deployed to SaaS, but is delayed for on-premise VSA customers, after reports of issues with agents not checking in after the update. We are currently testing a fix for both SaaS and on-premise, and will send another communication once we have a new date set for availability of the release. Once the fix has been validated, existing SaaS instances will receive the fix during their regularly scheduled maintenance window, and the installer will be made available for on-premise customers."

  • We have one of our KDB servers on 2008 and so now all the KDB backups are not running either.  

  • I'm starting to feel the heat. Need a fix.