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Procedure to change group in Kaseya

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This is my first time writing in the forum. I am looking for a procedure to move machine that are sitting on the unnamed machine group to their respective organization/machine group. We use a general agent to deploy on machine for all clients. This causes the agent to go under unnamed instead of the right organization based on their domain. Is there a way to automatically change the group based on the machine domain name?

I was think that agent procedure could do this. Thanks for your help

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  • Are you using the customer domain name as your Kaseya Org ID? What do you do for customers with generic domains (like "domain" or "NTDOMAIN")? What about non-domain systems, where almost everyone uses "WORKGROUP"?

    This is why we don't allow the use of generic installers in our MSP practice, and don't recommend it to our MSP customers. The System / Orgs / Manage menu, Machine Groups tab has a unique agent deployment URL for every machine group. We make this specific menu option available to every tech, including customers, to ensure that the right agent is used and the agent is deployed into the proper group immediately.

    We also don't publish anything on the dl.asp page, which pretty much enforces the use of the specific installer.

    Technically, you could use a VB or PS script to determine the domain, then use the APIs to change the group. I personally think there's too many options for failure in this method.


  • Dont use a general agent. Create a custom agent for each client with the right settings under agent-manage packages, and use that custom agent when deploying, and the machines will go into the right place.

    You can use system-naming policy to automatically move machines into the correct groups by recognizing their IP address or connection gateway. This is probably the easiest way to tidy up your existing unnamed group.

  • There is no specific command in Agent Procedure so move an agent.   If all your machines are inside the building, you can use "Naming Policy" to auto move them to the correct group.   You can also create filters based on their Domain name, or machine names, and then do a quick move right from Agent menu.

    Naming Policy can be set from the System tab-> System Preferences-> Naming Policy.    Select the group first, then enter the Connection Gateway, then click "Update" or "Add".  (PS. You may want to take this opportunity to check the box "Force Machine ID to always be computer name" a well!).

    If the machines are completely distributed, then this really won't work for you.    If you have a bunch of sub group behind the same firewall, then this is not a good choice either.