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Kaseya agent on Ubuntu 18.04?

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Has anyone successfully installed the agent on a Ubuntu 18.04.1 system?I keep getting "Fatal:      Failure extracting Agent install tree" which suggests that Perl is unable to extract the binaries.

I'm aware Ubuntu 18.04 is not listed in the minimum agent requirements section of the documentation, http://help.kaseya.com/WebHelp/EN/VSA/9050000/reqs/index.asp#home.htm, but these were last updated in March and 18.04 has been around since April.

The server is a stock install running on VMware with no GUI or any other additions.


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  • Hi, I am having this same issue with Ubuntu 18.04.  Has anyone found a fix?

  • Hi All, I just installed the agent on Ubuntu 18.04 What I did was download the agent installer to Downloads folder then I open Terminal, then ran cd Downloads at that point I entered sudo chmod +x KcsSetup.sh and hit enter then entered the password for the user account. After that I entered sudo ./KcsSetup.sh and hit enter. then I checked my VSA and it was installed.

    Hope that helps,

  • Yes I am having this problem too.