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Is LAN Cache still necessary?

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Just a quick question - I could swear I heard someone from Kaseya discussing that now they almost always use P2P transfers among endpoints on the same network as an ersatz LAN Cache and so we really don't require one anymore, is that true?

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  • If you use Software Management instead of Patch Management than YES !

  • Depends on the module. KES, Patch Management, BUDR(KBU/Acronis all) use Lancache. Ther emay be other modules also --- not sure.

    Software management uses P2P. Dunno about KCB or KAV, don't think they use either (ie these modules are just direct downloads).

    Lancache is being phased out, but it isn't dead yet.

  • I'm not sure about Software Management really using LAN Cache at all. After testing it (6 months ago) with just over a 100 machines internally our GB LAN lines were saturated for up to an hour when every machine started to download and patch at the same time. Since then I did read about improvements on Software Management, so it might work now.

    The newer modules are using the recent Endpoint Fabric stuff tho get the P2P automagically working. Last year at the European Connect Dana Epp admitted to rather big issues with Endpoint Fabric but promised solutions and I can safely say it's been 99% solid lately. Endpoint Fabric also gets KAV working more smoothly, so that could make it a P2P candidate as well. Maybe just on definition updates, since installs do take downloads from the VSA.