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How is the VSA figuring "Country".?

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The only thing I can find in the documentation is that this is based on the connection gateway of the agent.

I'm just wondering where in the world Kaseya is getting their data for this, as it appears to be less than accurate.  One of the techs here happened to notice that all of the PC's for one of our customers showed the country as Canada, meanwhile the actual network is across town. (We are about as centrally located in the US as you can get).  

I've checked the whois for the IP range, as well as using a geolocator service and both show the Country as US...  So that leaves me to wonder where Kaseya is getting it's data here. 

To further confuse matters, pretty much all of our internal machines that are on the same network with our VSA server and therefore show our internal IP's as the connection gateway *also* show as Canada.

Not a big deal at this point simply a matter of curiosity. 

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  • Not the full answer you're looking for but I have a script that uses "api.geoiplookup.net & GatewayIp,"   to determine the ISP based on Gateways . Address.

    Still not answering/solving your issue with "internal" gateways addresses , but works well to identify ISP's especially when a bunch of machines go offline at the same time and are all connected via the same ISP

    Happy to share it with you if you like

  • yeah I could definitely see that being helpful if you're willing to share it.

  • @Jonathan .. Send me a PM and I'll be able to send you some links to import the procedures and some simple instructions

  • Try to re-import the geolocation database by going on the VSA server directly and going to: http://localhost/systemtab/dlmaint.aspx. Re-run an audit on a target machine and verify the Country value. If it is still incorrect, please feel free to create a Support ticket and reference ticket #223513.

  • Sorry I was away from the office for a few days and I'm just getting back to this.  I'll try your suggestion later today Jeffrey.  

    In the mean time Paul, I attempted to send you a PM on here, and the PM system here, absolutely wouldn't let me.  I'll try just emailing you direct.