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Update custom filed if agent is offline

  • HI All,

    Is there any way to update the custom filed if agent is offline?

    Actually i have created one script that is monitor the one application service after that update the custom filed IF service is running then update Running If stooped find then update the custom filed stopped. But now I am facing the issue when the machine offline script won't run on endpoint so i showing me old result.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • You can technically execute a script on another agent to achieve your goal.

  • Thanks for reply Oscar But i didn't understand. Could you please explan more briefly? I need to change the custom data of offline machine

    If i run that script on another agent then it update the online machine result not offline machine.

  • Thinking outside the box.  You can collect certain variables and place in a temporary file to deploy the agent y (from x) and utilize that as the custom field data.

  • Sorry Oscar I think I didn’t get you. I have created one custom filed name with WH-Camera MO you can see in screenshot and you can see one machine ID name with 1800. That machine is offline and showing me old result. when the script was run last time on machine.  if the machine is offline that means service is also in stopped mode. So Logically now machine is offline so script will not run on that machine so custom filed will not update with latest result.

    So my question is that how can we update that status with stopped on offline machine. According to me if agents are offline we cannot run the script on agent And every agent belong to this custom filed.

    How can we update the custom filed status of offline machine from online machine.

  • If you have a field available that an agent can edit and the changes are minimal, you can use a trigger to set checkbox or drop-down organization fields.  In your Trigger set up your conditions and then choose your Organization field under your Perform these actions section.  You might consider updating an Organization custom drop-down if a certain tag appears on a ticket, or if a certain ticket field is updated.

  • Do you mean you want them to actually go in and change the custom field in your settings? Or do you just need them to be able to use the field in a ticket? Your agents will be able to interact with any ticket field on your ticket. But they will need to have admin access if you want them to actually go in and change the field in your settings.

  • I understand your approach.  Scripts automatically queue up on offline agent (unless skip if offline).  I could recommend one approach:

    I currently am unable to visualize an approach for you however, I would try creating a monitor set on the service and attaching an agent procedure to that set if/when not started.

  • I have already applied that monitor set this is separate thing but my concern is that when the machine is offline. I know that possible through sql query that will run on Kaseya server and update that custom filed if you know any sql query that please let me know?

  • This is manual process you suggested me. There are 2200 machines which belong to same group.

  • We are not using service desk module

  • Perhaps there are other members of the community who can provide their insight on an approach.

  • You can run a script on the VSA that calls some external vb , that is able to update any Agents Customfield even if it is offline as you are actually updating the value in the Database directly

  • Paul,

    Do you have any script for it?

  • The script I have may not suit as is  .. so if you can tell me what Customfield name you want to update , and where you are getting the value from that you want to set the Customfield to

    Also would you be doing this for ALL machines , or just some selected ones , if so what is your criteria for specifying which machines.