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VSA 9.5 Upgrade Issues

  • If you limit your windows event log size you won't have disk space issues. I've seen the asp.net errors too and support told me to ignore them as they're harmless. You can reference ticket 240305 if you wish. Apparently the source is an api call issue in liveconnect - can you correlate the asp.Net errors to use of liveconnect?

  • Craig, we setup the limits for this. We also had to update monitoring so false alerts will not create tickets.

  • FYI, this particular issue has been re-opened.

  • Yup same, everyone here has had to do constant refreshing. It's been a bug since a patch of 9.4 (not sure what one precisely, probably around July-Aug last year), and unfortunately continues to this day on the current 9.5 branch as well...

  • where are you seeing the refresh issue? what screens..

  • We see it a LOT in the Manage Agents screen.  You change one of the three filters, the screen refreshes and the list of agents hasn't changed.  The refresh button does nothing.  You have to click on the "Manage Agent" in the left pane for it to refresh properly and respect your new filters.

  • That is not an issue with only 9.5. We are still on 9.4 and getting ready to upgrade to 9.5 here in the next few weeks. We have the same issue on 9.4.

  • Same refresh issue on 9.4 here.

  • Yes, it's a regular bug on 9.3, 9.4 and 9.5. The bug started when they removed the 'auto refresh' function of the agent screen in 9.3 - patch, if memory serves :)

  • After having just completed the 9.5 upgrade last night, it seems that the refresh issue is more frequent in 9.5 than 9.4.  Also, having to run Apply Schema multiple times to fix the installation error is a bit of a nuisance.  Especially when support is aware of the issue.....Fatal MessageSys Error: core/script/cleanupData2.sql

    System Error [0] Message: Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'description', table 'ksubscribers.dbo.ticdescription'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.