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Kaseya Mac High Sierra Support

  • Just wanted to check to see if there is an official response for support for the agent on Mac High Sierra (Version 10.13).  We have folks starting to upgrade.

  • Seems fine from our POV. Safari 11 has issues when logged into Kaseya or Kaseya Helpdesk. Reverted to Chrome, which is annoying.

  • As long as you're running VSA 9.4, the agent is fully compatible with High Sierra!

  • We are on VSA 9.4 and I upgraded to High Sierra.  After the upgrade, remote control via Live Connect works after 5-6 attempts.  Sometimes I cannot get remote control to connect at all.  I have to turn to my Windows machines to launch a remote control session which works first attempt every time.  In hindsight, I would not upgrade to High Sierra because the only thing that broke was Kaseya.

    Corrected can to cannot
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  • We've not been able to reproduce this on our end. Could you open up a ticket with Support and let me know what ticket number it is? We'll take a look at it together.

  • Sam here. Can't get Live Connect to work on macOS High Sierra (17E202).