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The signature of KcsSetup.exe is corrupt or invalid

  • I'm getting this error  "The signature of KcsSetup.exe is corrupt or invalid" (Windows 10 + IE-11), when downloading and attempting to install the agent.  Chrome gets blocked by the SmartScreen Filter. The agent will install if it's forced pass the security checks The error is similar to this thread:

    "Kaseya Remote Control plugin install -- signature of this program is corrupt or invalid"


    Strangely, I'm having the issue with KcsSetup.exe and not the KRC installer.  I opened a ticket with Kaseya and so far they have only offered the workaround of clicking through the multiple layers of security checks.

  • Hey  

    Yep, this issue was reported around the same time as the KRC installer issue, as both are due to changes from Microsoft.

    I just checked up on your ticket, they associated it to the problem ticket (#124309), and our engineering team is working on resolving it.

    Also, this should be only arise within Microsoft related browsers.

    If I hear any other news, I will update this thread.

  • The digital signing has always been a mess. e.g. try an RC session from a non-IE browser. the noactivex.exe file you have to download and run has always failed the signature check. Same for the FTP executable file.

    Kaseya needs to fix this across the board for all code.

  • Yep, we are getting the same issue with IE. Changed to Chrome and no issue.

  • Yep, just ran into same issue. Changed to Chrome on the endpoint and installation of agent was successful.

  • Still getting hung up with Windows 10

  • Right click the .exe > open properties > In the general tab do you have an option to "Unblock?"

    Try that.

  • 's solution worked for me. Internet explorer wouldn't download correctly. When downloaded with Chrome, the executable ran successfully.