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KRC Connection Issues

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Running R9 with patch 3.  The update to R9 and later patches went without a hitch. 

I updated a handful of agents from R8 to R9 (without checking the Force Update checkbox).  All reported as being updated, showed the right agent version but I could not connect with KRC. KRC would timeout connecting.  

I pushed the agent again, this time checking Force Update and was then able to use KRC after the update completed.  This occurred on Tuesday/Wednesday of this week. 

Fast forward to today (Friday), any endpoint that I pushed the agent to _and_ used the force update checkbox will no longer connect.  KRC times out.  If I push the agent again and check force update, I can get back in. 

Is anyone seeing this behavior? 

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  • Hadn't noticed but it appears that I'm also having a similar issue.

    After the upgrade - to patch 4 - I updated a couple of machines and tested the connection.  They were super quick connecting so I pushed the update, without forcing, out to the rest of my machines. Trying it just now and I can connect to machines that are on the old agent version but all the rest are reporting that the machine is offline. Crap.

    Going to try forcing the update to see what happens.

    UPDATE: Forcing an upgrade to the version already installed is working for now.

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  • I have opened a ticket on this. #69917

  • We reported this issue just after upgrading last week to 9.0.0. The problem is the agent while checking in, KLC looses it's connection to our KVSA. Support has been looking at this and each patch has yet to address the problem, so my guess is they are still working on a proper diagnosis and appropriate patch.

  • same issue here. support ticket sent

    This is some BS. every freakin upgrade something DOES NOT WORK. What doesnt work? a core freakin product.


    I'm sick and tired of paying all this money to have just nothing but issues. Not my live connect doesn't work at all.

    waiting for my canned response - "This is a new issue and you have to wait until the next patch release in 2 months"

  • Talked with support - This is a known issue and will be fixed in 9.0.5 release supposedly

    running the agent update again fixed some servers of mine

    workaround below  


    spoek with support
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  • Disappointing, isn't it?  More effort is spent bolting on new products to create additional revenue for Kaseya than making sure the core product is sound.  How much new revenue does Kaseya think I can generate with broken agents and poor remote control?  

    Candidly, I am not surprised by the path this platform has taken. My hunch is Kaseya simply cannot afford to maintain the product with our maintenance fees. So, most of the capital and efforts are spent on creating new revenue streams while sacrificing the core. For those of us that now pay only maintenance take your place at the back of the line and enjoy the wait.  

    It is a real shame. I don't imagine that a whole army of current users are beating a path to Kaseya's door to purchase the new add-ons. The confidence in this product is so low that the chatter - both positive and negative - generated at each update from v7 to R9 has gone from "expressive" to crickets. And that speaks volumes.  

    Really, I am not angry or bitter. I would actually like to have a compelling reason to give Kaseya more money.  I have invested 7 years in this platform.  My business is heavily based on the success of Kaseya's output.  But the track record doesn't give me much hope.