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Invalid Credentials

  • hi - new user, so apologies for the simple questions.

    during a 15 minute window on aug 20, we received tickets from all our clients reporting the above error. i tested the credentials, and they are fine. i checked the script logs, and a script did run at that time and reported a success. can you tell me why i have received this message or can i add them to my ignore list?


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  • More information would be required and you might just want to submit a case to support, but one thing that I've found is that if a server is logged in and you try to confirm a credential, it will fail - even if the credential is correct and even if it is the same as the user that's logged in.

    Try logging out any foreground (console) users and any terminal server sessions and then do a "test credential" again (which is now found in TWO places - one in the patch tab and another in the agent tab).

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  • thanks. i will try and if i have any further problems i will let you know.

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