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What do the three different audits populate

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So you have the ability to run (and schedule) three different audits, baseline, latest and system info. is there a place i can look, or does someone know, what pieces of information each of these audits populate. im specifically on kaseya 6.5 but i'm assuming it's the same across all of the releases.

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  • Per the Kaseya Help File:

    Baseline audit - The configuration of the system in its original state. Typically a baseline audit is performed when a system is first set up.

    •Latest audit - The configuration of the system as of the last audit. Once per day is recommended.

    •System Info - All DMI / SMBIOS data of the system as of the last system info audit. This data seldom changes and typically only needs to be run once.

  • @zippo thanks!

    so the latest audit is responsible for updating installed apps and things like that.