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Run script at user logon?

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Is there an easy way to do this? Would be great for larger installation procedures.

Would be great with a scheduling option next to "Once, Daily, Weekly" etc.. "At next logon"


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  • Hi Nicklas,

    This may work for you if you want to run a specific script when a user logs into a machine with an agent,

    you can configure an event log alert to trigger a script whenever an event is generated that would match a user logon.

    Here is one example event, however I am sure there are other events you could use to trigger this scenario:

    Once the event log alert is configured, you just need to assign the alert to desired machines and specify the agent procedure you would like to implement as the alert action.

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  • You will also need to make sure that Security logging is enabled if you plan to use Nicolas' way to trigger your script as its not enabled by default and you will want filter for "Logon Type 2" for interactive console sessions and "Logon Type 10" if you plan use Terminal or Remote Desktop terminal sessions as there are other logon types that do not apply.

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  • For a one time launch you could create a RunOnce in the user or local machine... Want to try?

    I've used it to remove Java before the user login, works very well..