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Agent version filter

  • Has anyone successfully been able to create a filter based on Agent version.  I saw some posts regarding this but they were all older, pertaining to version 5 or 6.  We just updated to version 8 and I am trying to filter based on all agents with a version less than 8 so I can update them.  I know I can blast out the update through the upgrade agent window, but I find it easier to catch the machines when they are on so that I know they run the job immediately.  So, I need a filter to identify online agents with a version less than 8.

  • Check out this old forum post > community.kaseya.com/.../20570.aspx

    We're not on v8 yet, but I would assume it still applies.

  • Just use the Advanced Agent Data Filter and the Agent Ver field to search for NOT 8*

  • Filtering with NOT 8* in the agent version filed seems to work.  Thanks.

    I also fount that you cant use <, >, or = in the agent version field.  You also have to substitute 0 for . in the version number and put the value in quotes.  For example, if I want to search for all agents I need to enter "6030006" in the agent version field.

  • Hi - just letting you know, you CAN use < or >, but the format is unintuitive. < "8000004" works and shows all agents not at the absolute latest agent version for v8. I assume it's doing a string comparison instead of numeric, but it still works, whereas without the quotes it fails. Hope that's helpful.