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  • I have been with Kaseya for almost 8 years and I have seen support trend from Awesome to completely ridiculous.  But lately I must say organizational changes have made significant improvements on Support.  New Management team is definitely on the right track with releasing new features, great support and over all great experience for us.  I am so glad I did not jump ship reading reviews from other Kaseya users who switched to competitors.  Keep up the great work Kaseya team - Much appreciated all the hard work from the entire team.

    [edited by: RICHIE at 5:57 PM (GMT -7) on Oct 14, 2014]
  • Putting aside my opinion of some choices by Kaseya Management, I do agree with Richie.

    Support is getting back to the level it should be at and that's a very positive trend.

    We will compain about 'little things' like RDP and KES versions and a whole lot more.

    But I feel Kaseya has made progress we were not seeing in recent years.

    If I can needle someone at Kaseya to respond to this last bit here:

    One step Kaseya could and should make soon is explaining to us users why they make their weird decisions.

    At least half of all Kaseya users still miss RDP functionality, like copy and paste just to mention a basic option.

    No one from Kaseya has talked intelligently about this decision apart from giving us a platitudes and sales speak that they are great and KRC is the greatest... well, listen up Kaseya it still is nowhere near complete.

    For a tool you've worked on for so long... disappointing and beta release is just about a fair summary.