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Agent installed via login script, 'current logged in user' shows the admin account used for install not the logged in user

  • We have a service account named 'kaseya' which has local administrators access on all machines.  Upon logon kaseya is installed via a logon script using these credentials.  However after install the 'current logged on user' shows as 'kaseya' instead of the user.  How can we fix this?

  • In my experience at least, this will sort itself out after a machine reboot, or at least having the existing user log and and back out.  

    Kaseya consists of two parts,  the Kaseya Service, (agentmon.exe) and the end user process.(kausrtsk.exe).  Kaseya uses the user process to determine who the logged in user is, so until that process is actually running as the "real" end user, and *only* the real end user on the machinem,  you'll see some descrepancies there.

  • Yea this is a problem for us.  This is being used in a non-persistent VDI environment.  Every time the user logs off the environment is rebuilt and Kaseya is installed again the next time they log in.  

  • Man... Overall that just sounds "messy".   In that type of environment you'd have to go and clean out the "old" kaseya agents from Kaseya all the time or else you are going to have a bunch of stale offline machines showing up since every time the Kaseya agent is installed it generates a new GUID.

    That aside, about the only thing I can think of to suggest in this type of scenario would be for the end users to be local admins on the image and let the kaseya installer run as the actual user rather than a service acccount.  If the VDI environment is rebuilt from scratch every time they log out and back in, then having the "normal" users be local admins really shouldn't be that much of a risk, since in a worst case you simply force a logoff, and things are back to normal.

  • Actually just the opposite, it is the cleanest environment you can possibly have.  And you must not be keeping up with the Kaseya updates, 6.5 adds a /v option which licenses the agent to the machine name, and not the ssid, so it no longer makes duplicate agents.  No way am I giving them local admin, they can still install virus's which can infect the file servers and other persistent environments.  This seems like a not necessary and easily fixable thing by Kaseya ?