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Invalid Agent Credentials

  • Now I am newer to Kaseya so if you coudl please help it would be great. I just started with a company that uses Kaseya and the guy who was supposed to train me, did not do a very good job at it and due to some issues at the office he is no longer here.  He was really the only one who really knew the Kaseya product.


    We are getting Invaild user credientials on about 8 PCs in different offices.  Can someone let me know why we might be getting these?  Is it something in Kaseya, is it a system user, is it a file location that needs permission?  or could it be something else?

    As I said, I am not sure as I am newer to Kaseya and have not had very well training.




  • Hi Clayton,

    Are you referring to the set 'User Credentials' for these specific PCs? ( Agent > Set Credential page)

    If so, the following KB may assist in diagnosing why this may be occurring:


    If you are unsure of this specifically, it may be best to upload a screen capture to this post that shows what exact credentials are being flagged.

    Also, Kaseya has several techjam video's that may assist in troubleshooting future issues for various functions in Kaseya:


    Kind Regards,