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Agent Procedure : Unable to see where a procedure is being used.

  • Hi,

    I''m trying to see which machines a particular procedure is being used on, when looking at [agent procedure \ schedule create ther eis a tab heading "used by" but this never finds any records no matter which procedure is highlighted?

    Kaseya 6.3 On prem / IE10 / IE9 / Chrome Version 32.0.1700.76 m

    anyone else having this or know why this is?



  • From the help:

    Used by - Displays a list of other procedures that execute this procedure. Agent procedures that are used by other agent procedures cannot be deleted. So, you're making an incorrect assumption about what 'used by' is for.

    To see what machines have the procedure scheduled, go to the schedule tab, and sort by the 'next exec time' column. anything with a next exec time other than (blank) will run the procedure at some future time, so you can assume it's probably scheduled. Alternatively, go to the 'agent procedure status' and inspect a machine to see whats running on it.

  • perfect thanks Craig, a great help