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Lancache policy assignment not taking effect

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Hi All,

I recently encountered an issue with Lancache assignment through policy management.  All Machine groups and machines are not taking the lancache policy.  All other policy show as "green" in the policy status except lancache (shows as yellow).

Manually assigning the lancache in agent settings through the option "Assign lancache" works without any problem.  Running the test through this manual assign shows 'Passed" results.  So i'm assuming its not credentials issue.

I tried clearing overrides and reprocessing the policy for the affected machines but the machine policy status show as yellow (marked for deployment pops up) and when checking sample machine details on the policies status, the lancache shows as yellow status.

Anyone run into this issue?

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  • additional info: there isn't conflicting policies with lancache.  only 1 policy with lancache setting is assign to each machine group

  • Sure have. Currently have a support ticket (#644 - 9th Jan) open with KSupport. They've been able to replicate the issue on their end so just awaiting a fix.

  • Also seen the exact problem. I just opened kaseya ticket CS192200 and then stumbled across this thread while looking for my own answer. Hope it get sfigured out!



  • I received an update from support that this was a known issue and they are working on a hot fix.

  • Hello,

    The LAN Cache issue will be fixed on the upcoming Winter Release, ETA will be January 31st.



    Hello, The LAN Cache issue will be fixed on the upcoming Winter Release, ETA will be January 31st. Regards, J.
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  • Any further development on fixing this issue? This is causing some serious delays in our patch deployment. Another thought is if this Lancache setting is not set correctly will kaseya still point the agent to use "Download from Internet if machine is unable to connect to the LAN Cache server" if selected? In other words if Lancache is not available/not assigned even if its told to use it, will it revert to windows updates?

  • I recently upgraded to 6.5 and this issue has been resolved.

  • I have LAN cache set up across almost 700 agents and it works perfectly for me.  Check your policy.  Maybe there is something off with the view your using.  

  • Thank you for your reply, We have emailed kaseya for this upgrade.

  • late to the game, but having this issue.  don't want to have to version upgrade as 7.0 is due out soon.  hoping to get a hot fix.

  • I was eventually told there would be no hotfix. If it helps any, 6.5 did fix it for me. And patch 11 for 6.5 also fixed a TON of other performance and KPM issues. I don't think I have ever been so happy with a patch. I'd encourage you to go ahead and upgrade. It wasn't bad. HTH