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Agent Procedure: Create registry key in HKCU

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Hi there,

I'm wanting to create a string value in the following location:

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Value: Window Title

Data: test_title

My intention is to change internet explorer title.

Could any assist me with doing this please?

PS: I'm not very fluent with agent procedures!

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  • There are 2 problems that you will run into;

    1. The HKCU registry hive is only loaded when a user account is logged in and each user account has its own HKCU hive.
    2. The agent procedure can't access or modify the HKCU hive with the inbuilt registry step types.

    There are several ways to work around this the easiest is to make your script check if somebody is logged on and to run a Execute Shell Command or Execute File step with either the REG shell command or by importing a .reg file with the regedit.exe command.

    Alternatively if you need to make the changes while the user is offline you will need to work with the HKU hive, this method is more complicated and requires you to convert the a user account into a SID as all of the user hives are loaded against their SID's in the HKU hive.

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