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Kaseya 6.3 and Windows 2000 Server

  • Hi, we have some Windows 2000 server controlled by Kaseya, but seems that 6.3 has some problem with them.

    In fact in update agent I see 6.2.0 also after force update agent, the problem is that every time Kaseya message me that we have some agents to update..

    Do you have the same problem? How can I solve it?

  • in the message screen, the default setting for a reminder is 1 hour. You can change this to 'never'.

  • Ok, but I prefer to keep this alert..

    In 6.3 requisites is listed also Windows 2000, so I don't know why it doesn't update

  • For anyone that has this problem, I've solved with a reboot of Windows 2000 machine (probably also a restart of Kaseya service is ok)