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What types of sales reports are you using?

  • We have been making some reports for our sales team but are having trouble getting a good user friendly, aesthetically pleasing sales report. If anyone could share some of the reports you use for sales purposes that would be greatly appreciated!

  • Any body have any examples? We are trying to come up with good fields of data. Currently we have the following...

    1st Page)  Pie Chart PC's by Manufacturer

                    Pie Chart Computers by Operating System

                    Bar Graph Installed Security Products

    2nd Page) Server Inventory - Manufacturer - Product - Computer Name - OS - CPU - RAM

                     Bar Graph for Totaly Free Drive Space and Total Used Hard Drive Space

    3rd Page) Bar Graph Number of updates missing from servers

                    Server Bandwidth Results

    4th Page) Top 10 Workstations with least C Drive space

                    Top 10 Wrokstations Missing Patches

    From here on we have various pages of missing critical server updates, and inventory of all the workstations and the bandwidth results for each computer.

    Any ideas or example reports would be greatly appreciated.