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We have some problemens with the Kaseya agents and citrix provisioning (PVS). We have a dozen citrix servers which are rebooting every night. 
I've read some things about registry 'runonce' options but that means after every reboot we have some agents down and same servers are up with an another agent.

In our case 12 citrix servers we have 12 agents down and 12 agents up. So we need at least 12 free agents.

Is there a trick to bypass that problem.


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  • Hi,

    since I have seen quite a few people struggling with CTX PVS, I make a small blogpost about how we solved the problem: thijsdeschepper.be

    It is probably not the only way around it, but it works for us.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.


  • Hi Thijs,

    Thank you :). Was thinking almost the same.

    My idea was to stop the Kservice, edit the reg MachineID and the .ini file. Start the service.

    Running this way you can make one universal script because you can use the hostname as a variable.

    Did you create seperate scripts for each server?


  • our agent install passes a default group to the agent during install and then I just put this as a runonce option in the registry (or as post job on my vmware template) then my Gateway settings out the vm into the correct groups after it checks in....

    most times I never even think about the agent until later when i try to go install it and find it installed already.