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Wich settings to copy

  • Hello,

    The question i have this.

    I wanna make a audit template only, which settings do i have to copy to the agents.

    It`s not verry clear to me in the documentation.


  • Hi Erik,

    Can you please be clearer on what exactly you want to do?

    If all you want to do is an audit, Kaseya will by default run a baseline audit whenever a new agent is installed, and then schedule a latest audit every day.

    If you want to copy your "Latest Audit" settings from one agent to another, you need to copy the "Agent Procedure Schedules" as the audits are nothing more than agent procedures. Obviously with copying this setting you could potentially re-schedule other procedures unintentionally. To avoid this, you could create a template agent that has you audit schedules in place and then when you copy, use the "Add" option for agent procedure schedules.

  • Hi GM,

    Your answer is what i was looking for.

    I wanted to know which copy settings to use when only copy the audit settings to the agents, now i know this is a procedure, and only use add instead of replace.

    Thanks for sharing the kwowledge.


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  • No worries Erik. Have a good day.