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Kaseya Agent - DMG File?

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Hi All - 

I have recently come into an environment with a lot of Mac machines, and pushing them via LAN Watch is not an option currently. Is there any way to get the Kaseya Agent Installer as a .dmg file? I have only seen it as a .zip or exe. Thanks for any help!

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  • One option would be to get the Zip file, unpack it to a folder on a Mac, then use its Disk Utility to create a DMG image of its contents.

  • Within the zip file is a folder that contains the app file.  I believe this file just needs to be dropped into the applications folder and that's about it.

  • Actually, in the Zip archive is one folder, "Agent," and inside that, an app, "KcsSetup.app." You don't need to drop it in Applications (as one does with most Mac app installations), you just run that app wherever you happen to have expanded it, and it installs the agent.