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Failed to resolve url https:///ManagedFiles/VSAHiddenFiles/libkacm.dll

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When i try to take remote of a machine using VNC, when it asks for activeX download it is showing the following error:


Kaseya Remote control Helper

Failed to resolve URL  https:///ManagedFiles/VSAHiddenFiles/libkacm.dll

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  • My first guess would be that this file is missing from that patch on your K server. If I were you, submit a helpdesk ticket to Kaseya with this info.

  • My guess is that the URL is not resolving correctly.  The error is showing a relative path.  Do you have your server URL configured correctly in System->Configure?  To me it looks like something is not setup correctly, so I'd recommend opening a support ticket.

  • eFile is not missing in Kaseya Server and Server is configured properly. Even " libkacm.dll " file is getting downloaded to kworking and Kaseyaagent folders. Is it something related to AV issue?

  • Are you still having this issue? If the file is located on your Kserver you can try downloading that file directly in your browser via that url path: yourUrl.com/managedfiles/vsahiddenfiles/libkacm.dll. Does the file download via that url path? If you create a ticket I can take a look for you.

  • Yes we still have this issue. Yes i am able to download that file directly from browser. I will create a ticket for that.

  • Hi Charan

    If this got solved, can you remember how?

    We do have this, but only when working through VPN... (we connect through Proxyserver).

    File indeed is able to download when using MyUrl.com/managedfiles/vsahiddenfiles/libkacm.dll