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6.3 release date

  • Good call.

    Do you know if any of these add ons are currently supported in 6.3?

    - Symantec backup exec

    - Symantec endpoint protection

    - Replay Server backup

  • etabush, check this thread: community.kaseya.com/.../17112.aspx

    This will be kept up to date with 6.3 compatibility information for integrations. If anyone has an integration that is NOT listed there let me know.

    Only a few modules will cause actual issues during the 6.2 to 6.3 upgrade and they are mentioned in the above link (some of them were just mentioned by Paul). They can be disabled without uninstallation. You may not need to outright uninstall other third party modules,  but they will need updates from their respective vendors to be fully 6.3 compatible.

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  • Frank

    Well Guys, my upgrade started slow, as the new installer wouldnt let me run it the way i had for the last 5 years, sbs2003+SQL 2005, had to demote my domain controller and do some updates, after that, what can i say, NEW installer brillient, system working great, Im a Happy Chappy, hope everyone has a good upgrade experience.

    credit were its due!

    just need to find some time to look round it now...lol

    Not suppose to install Kaseya on an SBS server from what I recall...

  • Can someone post me the link to download installer to upgrade to 6.3.

    The one I downloaded say trial and it sent me trial license key.

  • Hi Rajeev

    Try www.kaseya.com/.../welcomek2v63q.aspx

    If you already upgraded your server, send us a ticket or ping me your customer ID and we'll get you the right key


    Amado, Kaseya Support

  • Thanks Amado, Just followed up the link and register for trial.