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No message after Agent deployment even with /z switch

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I am using LAN Watch to deploy agents over our network.  After the agent is installed I would like a message to pop up asking the user to restart their machine when possible or at the end of the day.  In creating the agent install package I made sure that silent install was not checked and that I included the /z switch and a message afterwards.  In early stages of deployment testing I was able to get the message to show on the machine after install but now that I am beginning deployment out to machines across the network the message will not show up after install.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • If you use a template to setup your installer what about creating a very basic procedure that pops up a message then attach that procedure to the template and when the agent installs it will pop up your message.

  • This solution worked when testing the procedure on machines that had the KaUserTsk.exe already running.  Unfortunately this program does not start until after the machine has been rebooted.  I attempted to create a procedure to start this task but had no luck with that either.  Thanks for the reply though.