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Unable to remote-control Mac

  • I recently deployed the Kaseya agent to several OSX 10.7 machines.  I am able to connect through VNC, however all I see is the Mac's logon screen, even when a user is already logged into the Mac.  What's worse is that I'm unable to type in the logon screen - no keyboard response. 

    Has anyone been able to successfully remote control OSX machines?  

  • Upon further investigation, I've discovered that this problem is only present when attempting to remote-control a Mac that is bound to an Active Directory domain.  I am able to control stand alone Macs.  Any ideas?

  • khomstead,

    I am having the same issue with a 10.7 machine as well but is not bound to an AD Domain.  I can remote into the machine via the live connect session under the agent section in Kesaya, but not via the "Remote Control" section of Kesaya.  Does it use a different version of VNC when you use LiveConnect?

    Were you able to remote into your machines before binding them to the AD.. then once bound you couldn't remote into them?  Did you check all of your GPOs?

  • OS X 10.7 Lion has new multi-user remote control features that have broken VNC and made it unreliable to remote control Macs with Kaseya.  It looks like this might be an issue with the TightVNC server that underlies Kaseya Desktop Access.


  • I opened a ticket on this issue last week.  Unfortunately, I've been playing time-zone-tag with the specialist assigned to this case so I don't have a resolution but I'll report once I have one.

  • Michael - Thanks for the link!  Ive been doing reseach on 10.7's multi-user remote control features.  There is documentation out there that also "kick starts" VNC into working but seems more of a workaround and now an actual solution.

    Bill, any word from Kesaya yet?

  • No.  I've been playing one-sided phone tag with the support specialist since the 18th.  This is largely due to time-zone differences although I'll admit I have six other tickets open with Kaseya could I haven't been as diligent in bird-dogging this as I should be.

  • Bill, I totally understand.  Thanks for the update though.  I am able to initiate a VNC connection to my Lion box via Agent>Live Connect>VNC connection.  Are you able to connect that way?

  • Hi Guys,

    FYI - We have a manual workaround that you can apply to gain eased VNC access to Lion-based Mac agent machines via the Remote Control tab. If that is desired, raise a ticket at https://portal.kaseya.com noting this & the forum post link and Kaseya Support will provide that information therein that ticket.


    Dylan M. Lagi

    Tier 3 Support Engineer | Kaseya Support


  • Hi All,

    Just an update to this thread - The workaround information related to this for v6.2 is hotfixed for the RC tab and included in the RC tab & KLC in v6.3. You can view further information about this and the various scenarios here:


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