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Agent randomly showing offline when the system is online

  • I have seen many posts with regards to systems showing as offline when the system is online, but these posts seem to be from prior versions. Eventually the agent reflects the correct status, but it eventually shows offline again. One instance I had LiveConnect actively connected to a machine and was transfering files. I happened to look in the machine group and noticed it was showing as offline. I continued working in LiveConnect a while longer then closed it. I couldn't open it again until Kaseya showed the correct status.

    Kaseya support will tell me that there was a problem with the connection during this time... well, this just isn't true. In fact, on another instance I had a Remote Desktop session, non-Kaseya, to a system that was showing as offline.

    It seems that Kaseya shows the incorrect status of agents around the time that the system is being audited. Are any of you seeing similar issues? I'm almost to the point that I am going to write a service that monitors Kaseya and restarts the service when it stops checking in. :) When machines get into this state, it is near impossible to do anything until it checks in again. As a managed services provider, I can't call a client everytime it goes offline and I can't physically touch the machines since they are remote.

  • community.kaseya.com/.../11374.aspx

    Have a look there, i know there isn't a "real and documented fix" but you are right, we get fed reasons why its "not the agents fault" when all the evidence is to the contrary.

    Wont go through that whole thread, but there are a lot of suggestions in there, all of those things in there i have done, and our agents never go offline falsely anymore.