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Bandwidth throttling and Script failure alerts

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I am not sure if this is the right location to post these questions - they are kinda general.

Has anyone used the Bandwidth throttling feature? I've read about it, I know what it does. But can anyone say how effective it is when used? I've read in the forums that it doesn't affect VNC, but throttles scripts, monitoring, scans, etc. I just would like some feedback on what to set it at.

The other question is the Alert > Script Failure feature. Has anyone used this? It says "any" scripts, just want to know if it applies only to user-defined scripts as well as system. What does it flag and how well does it work?

We will be making templates so I've been tasked to investigate this and Kaseya is sometimes a little slow with the answers.


Thanks for the help!

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  • From previous years, bandwidth throttle was explained to work not by controlling how much bandwidth could be taken up, but by spreading the requests for data out.   eg.  With out throttleing, Kaseya will get xxx Bytes on every requests with out delay between the requests.   With bandwidth throttleing it will still get xxx Bytes but if will pause between each request.

    Not sure I've ever seen any effect on VNC or RDP, but does affect things like get file or retrieving logs.