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Enable VNC mirror driver

  • The VNC mirror driver provides a marked improvement to remote control across relatively low speed WANs, but it's not enabled by default. This can be  enabled by installing K-VNC  (RealVNC) and then running the supplied mirror driver installer e.g. create a script to execute:

    "%programfiles%\realvnc\vnc4\vnc-mirror-1_8_0-x86_x64_win32.exe /silent"


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  • I really need this.  There is too much delay in fileConnect.  Please detail how to create this script, I'm spending lots of time putting one together, and testing it.  I started the script with always true, then execute path, then /silent in the urgument box, executed as user logon.  It comes back with "Failed THEN in step 1 Check the machine's Agent Procedure log for additional details."  Can't find the agent procedure log in the machine.  Also, is this for servers too 2003 and 2008? What about 64 bit PCs and servers?  Thanks

  • Just a quick question. Is there any reason to not do this? I'm not familiar with the mirror driver.

  • Try Execute Shell Command, and move the last " to before the /silent

    NOT this;

    "%programfiles%\realvnc\vnc4\vnc-mirror-1_8_0-x86_x64_win32.exe /silent"

    but THIS

    "%programfiles%\realvnc\vnc4\vnc-mirror-1_8_0-x86_x64_win32.exe" /silent

    I think it should work as either System or logged in user, assuming the user is logged in and has the necessary permissions.  

    The "as user" will flash an unattended install box that doesnt require any interaction, but it isnt completely silent.

    As System, the user should see nothing.

    The Agent Procedure log can be found in Live Connect/Agent Data/Agent Logs/Script Logs


  • vnc, after the installation was better

  • Just installed the mirror driver and VNC is a lot better.

    I still haven't decided on a full rollout yet - I want to know what it might break.

    I have, however, put together a K2 script that detects 64-bit OS and runs the install accordingly. It's over in the resources section here: community.kaseya.com/.../3400.aspx



  • you might consider waiting...  6.1 has changes to Live Connect and will be using Tight VNC rather then kvnc.  rumor is with these improvements it is faster then vnc with the mirror driver.  one of the reasons we opted not to deploy the miiror driver by default is the high percentage of bsod's it can causes.

  • GhettoMaster, your script doesn't work, unfortunately..  I'm not sure if it's because it UAC's or not, but I tried it on a couple Win7 Pro x64 machines with no success, much to my dismay...  Manually installing it using the /silent switch WORKS, but requires 1x UAC click-through.

  • Use %programfiles(x86)% on 64bit machines

  • dijikul - I tested on a machine with UAC turned off. You'll have to find your own workaround for that sorry mate.



  • Can anyone confirm is does the forthcoming K2 6.1 release include tight vnc? and is it quicker than before?

    Also if not has anyone experience BSOD with the VNC mirror driver on their customers machines with all different OS's? I'm keen to improve the performance of remote access for our guys on the helpdesk and wanted to try this just a little worried after reading about the BSOD but not sure it this was just an older version.



  • Live Connect in K2 v6.1 creates it's own instance of TightVNC (Windows). By using our own instance of TightVNC we avoid conflicts with other instance of VNC that may be installed on the agent machine.

  • I've tested Live Connect in K2 6.1 and it's not as quick as KVNC on a normal click from the remote control tab due to all the stuff going on. I just want to make VNC quick as possible for our guys on the helpdesk.

    Is there issues with using the VNC mirror driver? Has anyone else rolled it it? I tested it on one machine in the office and it's 30% quicker when using VNC.

    Thanks in advance.